How Safe is Buying Jewellery Online?

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designer jewelleryPeople are usually more comfortable buying their jewellery from physical shops found in shopping complexes or commercial centres. The reason why this is the case is because they believe that buying jewellery from a Brighton jeweller is safer and they get to try out the jewellery before they buy.

However, the popularity of the Internet when it comes to shopping means that an increasing number of jewellery shops now have online versions of their stores. The websites make it possible for the jewellery shops to enjoy the many benefits having electronic commerce stores offer. Still, a significant number of people are still wary about buying their gold chains, sterling jewellery and moonstone rings from an online jewellery stores irrespective of the developments in online shopping.

Genuine Fears on Security and Reliability

A good number of people still prefer buying their jewellery from physical stores as opposed to online stores. The main reason why they prefer doing this is that they are genuinely concerned about having their personal information stolen from such websites. It is not easy to set aside this fear since identity theft and phishing are genuine online security threats.

Buyers also prefer making their purchases in physical stores since they don’t want their jewellery purchased online to get lost in transit. Jewellery, whether an inexpensive sterling piece to an expensive gold chain represents a significant financial investment for a majority of people. People that buy jewellery don’t fancy the idea of their precious purchases getting lost in the process of delivery.

Online jewellery stores

Emphasis On Safety When Shopping Online

Serious jewellery stores take practical measures to ensure that their websites along with the online checkout systems are safe. Still, buyers can play their role to ensure that they are not defrauded or hacked when making jewellery purchases online.

One effective way would be to do some research before making purchases from a given online store. Buyers should ensure that they check review websites as well as online consumer watchdogs for negative feedback relating to the jewellery stores from which they are considering making their purchases of sterling jewellery and gold chains.

Buyers also need to examine the websites they are buying from for signs of reliability. Websites should have a certification showing that they are hack-proof and that their systems are monitored constantly. The store should also have a reasonable and sound policy for returning items should buyers not like the pieces they purchased.

Checking Out Buyers Guides & Customer Support

When checking for the trustworthiness of online jewellery stores, it is important for buyers to ensure that they check whether or not the store offers a buyers’ guide for the jewellery they are selling. A buyers’ guide can be considered a sincere gesture from the store that it is willing to help out clients instead of simply making a pitch for their money.

One final thing: If a buyer is still doubtful about the reliability of the jewellery store, he or she should contact the customer support department of the store. Buyers should do this by calling the customer service hotline or sending emails. The quality of the customer support should be nothing short of excellent.

It is mandatory for the customer care department of the jewellery store the buyer contacts to be helpful towards its customers. However, if it is apparent that the intentions of the customer service representatives are only to push for a sale, buyers are better of making their purchases from a different store.